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JamesLangendorf60I’m not quite out of the practice. 

In July, 2017, I gave notice to my clients that after 20 years of private legal practice I had accepted an executive position with Olympic Lawns, a regional leader in lawn care and landscaping services.  On taking that job, I closed my private practice office and deactivated my office phone number.

Yet I continue to serve some clients in some open matters and I consult on employment and litigation matters. I can still provide some legal consulting and excellent business consulting to assist you with your  marketing, intellectual property, accounting, and finance matters.

Please feel free to contact me at 513-594-2685, or at I will respond.

And for your lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, patio design, irrigation, and snow removal needs though, please see us at or 937-746-2622, because we make your yard amazing.