Monthly Archives: August 2015

Last bits of summer and octopi.

Summer is almost over for many of us in the Miami Valley. Kids in many cities go back to school starting next week. Really?

  1. Before summer ends, for real, consider a jaunt to Wake Nation in Hamilton, Ohio. A cable tows you and your water-skis or knee-board (you can rent them) in a long oval with jumps and ramps.
  2. There is an Ohio Sales Tax Holiday starting today. No sales tax on back-to-school supplies. This tax-free weekend includes clothing items under $70.00 per item, pencils, pads, etc., and other educational material.
  3. Grill fish for dinner. It has less fat than beef and more protein than chicken. Just don’t eat octopus. They are too smart and amazing to just kill and grill. Please. No more octopus. Don’t believe me? Watch this:
  4. With new supplies becoming available worldwide, the slide in oil and gasoline prices should continue. Even with the Labor Day holiday approaching, gasoline will likely remain under $2.95 per gallon.
  5. The U.S. Dept. of Labor released Administrator’s Interpretation 2015-1 in July. The subject was how to determine if you or your workers are employees or contractors. It helped to gel the law as it has been evolving over the past 70 years. The factors are all about control and the reality of work. It may be worth a read. If you just want a summary, then give me a call or email and I will give you the executive briefing. Find it here:

Have a fine weekend.