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Info Security

There is no going back to pencils, paper, and payphones. The world is interconnected with billions, near a trillion, network-connected devices, and an unknowable amount of software coding. Privacy, while not dead, is in serious jeopardy. You can turn off your device and use landlines, if you can find them (like the Matrix!), but you lose out, too.

I prefer to stay connected with clients and business associates by using “Signal.” It is a tightly encrypted messaging app available for both Android and Apple.

A very experienced and highly placed security expert who still works for the department of defense recommends it.

Please download Signal. It’s better than What’s App because it was created by the same developer, but has NO connection to the data thieves at Facebook. Please add my contact information to your Signal app, and let me know, because it means you care about your privacy and security. My number is 513-594-2685.


A client came to me with an unpaid overtime case today. She had been mis-classified, willfully I’m sure, by her former employer. My client was, by all tests and checklists, an employee. Yet she had been paid as a flat salaried, independent contractor. Employers do that often. True, employees think it’s great – until they realize co-workers on the clock are being paid more, working less, and don’t have to pay self-employment taxes. When they learn this and take action with lawyers, those same cheating employers become liable for unpaid overtime wages, that amount doubled, unpaid payroll taxes, and attorney’s fees.


All that really matters in family, friendships, and business is the quality of your relationships. If you have a peaceful, loving, family dynamic, then you can be grounded and content, confident in your actions. When your friends are tight and real, then your support is strong. When you make your business partners and clients as tight as family and friends, then you are bringing value and service to its highest form. Treat all those relationships with care. Mind them. Tend them. Grow them. The returns are priceless. Call me at 513-594-2685 to talk about your needs, because our relationship will make your business stronger.


I just advised a new start up on its service contracts, the service limits, liability, and even a little design.

The entrepreneur was excited and ready to go. She told me I was a life saver and had made her feel totally prepared to take on her first client. That is what I deliver to my clients: safety, confidence, and power.

Is that the value you expect from you lawyer? You should.  Call me because you are ready to take action and you want backup. Call 513-594-2685, or email me at

Job Law

Do you have a problem at work? Not paid your overtime? Are you facing discrimination? Or is your boss retaliating against you for reporting something that wasn’t right or legal?

For 20 years I have been fighting for employees who suffered age, race, pregnancy, or gender discrimination; or who faced retaliation for doing the right thing; were denied their overtime pay; or were just trying to decide if a severance package was fair.

I can probably help you, too.

Employment lawyers and their clients are always interested in the basic human functions of going to work, sharing respect, and being fairly paid.

Employment law is not my only area of practice; and in my time as a lawyer, accountant, business owner, and manager, I have had the chance to face many legal and financial difficulties, both for myself and for my clients. I can handle almost any legal matter, and if I can’t, then I know someone great who can.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you soon. Click the “What Can I Do For You” link above for more. Call or text me at 513-594-2685, or email me at Or check out my AVVO page for information and testimonials.