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How much do you charge?

We charge an initial consultation fee for the first 45 minutes with a lawyer, who will hear your story in complete confidence, ask questions, diagnose your legal position and provide real legal advice.  

When we represent an employee in an unpaid overtime or unpaid minimum wage case, we generally take a fee only if we prevail by settlement, judgment or verdict. If we do not recover any money for you, then we do not get any fee. We concentrate in recovering unpaid overtime and unpaid minimum wages for individuals and for whole classes of employees, so we must be very careful in our case selection. We do not take every case. We cannot.

For other types of cases we charge hourly rates or value based rates derived by consultation with our clients. In high dollar value cases, usually based on the breach of a commercial contract or the commission of a business tort, when more than a million dollars is at stake, we tell our clients about the availability of third party funding. There are several investment firms that invest in cases to cover costs and attorney’s fees in order to recover some part of the proceeds of the case.

Fees for other types of legal matters may be flat rate, hourly, contingent, a hybrid rate, or by some other formula. We want to find a high value fee agreement that makes the client-attorney relationship a win-win.

How do I know if I have an unpaid wage or unpaid overtime case?

If you believe that you have been denied overtime, or wrongly called an independent contractor, or wonder if your unpaid internship is legitimate, or you have any concern about whether you are being lawfully paid, then please contact us. We carefully evaluate every set of facts. If the facts you provide are of the kind that supports a legal claim, then we will contact you to discuss your case in greater detail. You can call for a consultation appointment too. If you are seeking an appointment, then please tell us when you call that you think you may have an overtime or unpaid minimum wage claim.

What other kinds of cases do you handle?

The Langendorf Law Firm usually represent employees in employment disputes, particularly over unpaid overtime and unpaid minimum wages. However, we also help employees who are being discharged with a severance package to negotiate their severance terms.

We represent employees who are being accused of violating covenants not to compete or confidentiality covenants.

Defense of employers is a rare diversion for us.  However, because we are uniquely situated as frequent plaintiff representatives we bring the ability to anticipate the evidentiary and psychological underpinnings of an employment case. This often gives us an advantage over the “defense only” law firm.

The Langendorf Law Firm is geared to handle business transactions, including the purchase, sale or formation of a business, and civil (non-criminal) litigation of most types. We are selective though and do not take every case. We will almost always be able to make a referral to a qualified attorney in the event we are unable to proceed with your case. We will always refer bankruptcy, criminal/traffic, divorce, medical malpractice and personal injury cases to other attorneys we know and trust.

Finally, the Firm represents executors and administrators for estates in Butler County, Warren County and Montgomery County Ohio. We will represent the estate or parties interested in an estate and we are experienced in the administration of estates small and large. We also will represent estates and beneficiaries in Will contest actions.