Employment Law Attorney

  A lawyer you can trust is good to find.

Employment law battles, estates, real estate matters, and business disputes are common and hard. I have helped hundreds of people work through countless legal problems like these. My clients kept their peace of mind and often recovered significant money damages, or avoided thousands in losses.

Some of the many areas I can guide you through:

  • Trust and Estate contests
  • Unemployment claim appeals
  • Employment law and civil rights claims
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Employment contracts for doctors, nurses, and executives
  • Ohio BWC compliant drug-free workplace policies
  • Real estate transactions and disputes

I have over 20 years of experience in courtrooms and boardrooms at the highest levels. When you hire me, you can be sure that your lawyer has your back. I can get your claims resolved as quickly or as slowly as anyone, and I do not waste resources. My fees are directly related to the value of your case. I will tell you what I expect your case to cost up front, and I will help you find third party funding if it is worth the effort to you.

If you are buying or selling a business or a piece of real estate, I can smooth your path and keep you out of the traps. I can also help you to plan your exit, and ensure your counter party deals fairly.

Initial consultations with me are $200.00 for up to 1 hour. You get to talk to me, and if I think I can resolve your problem with a phone call or new document during your consultation time, then that is what I will do.

When you feel you need to protect your legal rights, contact me, James Langendorf, at 513-594-2685, or email me at jiml@langendorflaw.com for a consultation. Call me because I can really help you.