What Can I Do For You

  Employment law lawyers are the best lawyers. 

My name is James Langendorf. I have helped hundreds of people work through countless legal problems — not just employment law disputes.

Hundreds have hired me over the years to  secure their peace of mind, to obtain money damages or a real result, or to protect what is already theirs.

Some of the many areas I can guide you through:

  • Employment law and civil rights claims
  • Class actions
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Unemployment claim appeals
  • Employment contracts for doctors, nurses, and executives
  • Real estate and business transactions and disputes
  • Accounting and finance consulting for troubled companies or investing due diligence

You can be sure that with my 22 years of experience in courtrooms and boardrooms, I will know what to do for you.

But how do you know if we should be working together, or if you even have a legal case? We need to talk for at least a short time to decide. And for a small cost we can do that.

By phone or in person we can discuss your situation. There is a $240.00 per hour cost for the initial meeting, but you only pay for what you use — after a 50.00 minimum.

Fees are directly related to the value and peace of mind you receive, and they are unique to you. They may be flat fees, hourly, or on a success basis. I will always tell you in advance what I expect your case to cost and, if necessary, I will help you find third party funding for high-dollar-value and complex cases. We will always have a written contract for services.

I will meet with you personally, at your location or mine. If I can take action for you at our first meeting, then that is what I will do.

Contact me, James Langendorf, at 513-594-2685, by call, text, or Signal messaging app; or email me at jiml@langendorflaw.com. Please contact me, because I can really help you.

See my AVVO page for more information and testimonials about me.