Employment law lawyers are the best lawyers. 

My name is Jim Langendorf and I have been practicing law in Dayton, Franklin, Springboro, and Cincinnati Ohio for 22 years. I have helped hundreds of clients work through countless legal problems. I can help you, too.

People hire me to file lawsuits for back wages, money damages or some other relief, to defend against private lawsuits and state agency  actions, or to resolve workplace and business problems of all kinds.

My main areas of practice:

  • Employment law, unpaid overtime, and civil rights claims
  • Civil cases, class actions, and appeals in state or federal courts
  • Non-compete and trade secret agreements
  • Ohio nursing board and pharmacy board actions and appeals
  • Employment contracts for doctors, nurses, and executives
  • Business contracts and disputes
  • Information security
  • Finance consulting, Wills and Trusts, and investment due diligence

You can be confident that with my 22 years of experience in courtrooms and boardrooms, I will know what to do for you, or I will know someone else who will.

But how do you know if you even need a lawyer, or have a case? We need to talk for at least a short time to answer those questions.

We can discuss your situation over the phone or in person. And, as when you see a doctor or an auto mechanic, there is a cost for the initial meeting.

Over the phone or in person, I will speak with you personally, and we can meet at your location or mine, within a reasonable radius of Middletown, Ohio.

Contact me, Jim Langendorf, at 513-594-2685, by call, text, or the secure Signal messaging app at that same number; or email me at Please contact me soon, because time is always important in legal matters.

See my AVVO page for more information and testimonials about me.