Job Law

Do you have a problem at work? Not paid your overtime? Are you facing discrimination? Or is your boss retaliating against you for reporting something that wasn’t right or legal?

For 20 years I have been fighting for employees who suffered age, race, pregnancy, or gender discrimination; or who faced retaliation for doing the right thing; were denied their overtime pay; or were just trying to decide if a severance package was fair.

I can probably help you, too.

Employment lawyers and their clients are always interested in the basic human functions of going to work, sharing respect, and being fairly paid.

Employment law is not my only area of practice; and in my time as a lawyer, accountant, business owner, and manager, I have had the chance to face many legal and financial difficulties, both for myself and for my clients. I can handle almost any legal matter, and if I can’t, then I know someone great who can.

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