No more guns, thank you.

So last night in Dayton, Ohio, in the downtown bar and dining area known as the Oregon District, 9 friends, sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers were murdered by a pissed off white guy wearing body armor and firing a rifle. 9. No thoughts or prayers for me today. And spare your entreaties to a higher power. If prayers worked, then we would not have had this shooting, or the one before it, or the one before that (all in a week by the way), or the one before that… Stop praying. Do something. Call your congressman. Tell them you want guns out of day-today circulation. No background checks. No compromises. No loopholes. Just a tightly limited restricted use availability. You can have a shotgun or pistol at home, and a rifle to kill an unarmed plant eating animal if you must. But no assault weapons, no high capacity magazines, and no concealed weapon or open carry ANYWHERE. We need to stop kidding ourselves and stop acting like we’re somehow able to manage our violent and malcontented citizens by carrying our own weapons. There were police in Dayton. They were close by. But no determined individual is going to be deterred from their mission of murder by gunfire. If they had no guns though, their deadly missions would be nearly impossible. Don’t pray. Do something real.