I was talking with some Springboro, Ohio clients this week. They are in the landscaping industry and they were telling me about their competitors who don’t pay overtime to their employees. After 20 years of filing unpaid overtime lawsuits, I am unsurprised.

Employers can’t opt out of their obligation to pay overtime. It is not their choice. The laws of Ohio and the United States say that if you work more than 40 hours in a week, then you are entitled to one and one half your hourly rate for those hours you work over 40. Even if your employer pays you a “salary,” you could still be entitled to overtime pay.

Don’t be a slave. Don’t work for peanuts. If your employer tells you that “we don’t pay overtime,” or “We’re just a straight time shop,” or “We don’t pay for drive time,” then contact me by email to jiml@langendorflaw.com or 513-594-2685 because I love making cheating employers pay.