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Employment Law and other legal services


If you weren’t paid more than 1 and 1/2 times your normal hourly rate for any hours over 40 that you worked in one week, then you may be entitled to back wages and your attorney’s fees.

Don’t work for slave wages. You can’t agree to be underpaid. If you boss says the company doesn’t pay overtime, then call me. We’ll see about that.

Did your employer deny or interfere with your medical leave? If they did, then they may have broken the employment law known as the Family and Medical Leave Act, and you could be  entitled to back wages, attorney fees, and reinstatement.


We bring civil lawsuits against employers when they fail to pay overtime wages, or when they deny medical leave. Most claims like these are settled before they go to trial.


A civil case is all about money. No police, no crime, no time. Just money. If a business customer or supplier breached a contract, or sold you a defective product, then you can file a civil lawsuit.  Sometimes you can even get a court order to make another party do something or stop doing something. A lawsuit is almost never the first choice. But when it looks like the only option you have left, call us. We can handle it. Even if the amount at risk is very large, there are options for you to finance your fight.


The Internet and all the content it contains, all the brands and marks, all the articles, songs, performances, and products; all are the creation of some person or team. You are entitled to protect your mark or creation. But to have full legal protection, you must take some ACTION. I can help you protect what it yours. Act now, before someone beats you to market.


A death in the family is hard — and often expensive. If you are responsible for carrying out the final wishes of a loved one, you will need to make many decisions, under stress, and with no experience. Don’t go in blind. Call me. I can help you.

A Will might name you as the executor and you can choose any attorney you like to guide you and to represent the estate.

We have close experience with the death of loved ones, and with the administration of probate and non-probate estates and trusts. We have handled  estates ranging in value from $300.00 to $2.5 million.

If you are planning an estate, or are charged with administering one, then please contact us as soon as you can.