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Info Security

There is no going back to pencils, paper, and payphones. The world is interconnected with billions, near a trillion, network-connected devices, and an unknowable amount of software coding. Privacy, while not dead, is in serious jeopardy. You can turn off your device and use landlines, if you can find them (like the Matrix!), but you lose out, too.

I prefer to stay connected with clients and business associates by using “Signal.” It is a tightly encrypted messaging app available for both Android and Apple.

A very experienced and highly placed security expert who still works for the department of defense recommends it.

Please download Signal. It’s better than What’s App because it was created by the same developer, but has NO connection to the data thieves at Facebook. Please add my contact information to your Signal app, and let me know, because it means you care about your privacy and security. My number is 513-594-2685.